Michele Turney

We lived in Prescott, AZ for 13 years and have been in Pagosa Springs, CO since July 1, 2016. My husband and I have 2 horses and 4 cats. We are both retired and since I've always been interested in art and loved painting and drawing as a child, I began to dabble in watercolors and then on to pastels. I was a member of the Mountain Artist Guild in Prescott and was on the Board of Directors. I was also the newsletter editor for almost 3 years. I have shown my paintings in shows at Mountain Artists Gallery and was awarded the honor of having a painting chosen for the Promo Piece for 2010 which was used in all advertising for the Gallery & Guild. I have also shown in other local galleries and shows in the Prescott area.
My art is on a mission; One that speaks quietly to the soul. Reminds the heart how life can be of one simply let's go of the rush and frees the Spirit. As my grasp of beauty translates to the paper or canvas, and my vision evolves as it must, there is a journey through each stroke that strikes a chord of some distant memory, invoking the memories hidden deep in my mind.
I truly believe that artists and those who share a true appreciation for art see the world a little bit differently than others. When I look at a sunset, I see a painting. When I see true beauty, I long to preserve it into something that will last forever, so that I can share it with the world. I paint mostly in pastel, but do love watercolors as well. I do a variety of subjects and am still exploring to find my little niche in the art world.


PHONE: 928-899-3792
ADDRESS: 135-F Country Center Dr #194, Pagosa Springs, CO


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