Alejandra Gos

Alejandra Gos was born and raised in Argentina. Involved in art projects as a child, she was drawing and coloring realistic human figures at the age of 5. She also studied music for 6 years while attending high school. Art has always had an important place in her life.

She moved to the US at the age of 24 after graduating with a Computer Science and Math major. Since then she has been working as a full time engineer in the Seattle area. Introduced to pastels by her mom when she was a teenager, they became her preferred medium to work with.

In 2010, she rediscovered art as a way to treat her depression. Since then, she has dedicated considerable amount of time to painting the landscape and nature in pastel. Light, contrast and vibrant colors are the focus of her work.

She has attended workshops with Marla Baggetta, Janet Hamilton, Liz Haywood-Sullivan and Barbara Jaenicke. "Continuous education from artists I admire has impacted my work enormously and at a fast pace. I can see a lot of improvement and I am eager to learn more. Art is an endless learning path and that keeps me motivated".

She is a member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast and the Northwest Pastel Society. Her pieces sell online and at art galleries in Edmonds, WA. Currently, "Christopher Framing and Gallery" is displaying her work. She is excited to continue building relationships with other artists and be part of this wonderful community. She loves the mountains and scenic views that surrounds us in Washington state. They are her constant source of inspiration.


PHONE: 425-753-8698


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