Sevasti Boutos

Sevasti Boutos
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I am a retired professional woman who emigrated from Greece twenty-eight years ago. My vision was to raise a family and work as a veterinarian, a profession that I studied and worked for thirteen years in Greece.

In the States I had to start from scratch, from going to College to getting a bachelor's degree in both pure and applied mathematics. I excelled in all subjects, which enabled me to work for ten years as an IT specialist in the Academic Technologies of Barnard College (the daughter College of Columbia University).

For the last three years I have been taking art lab courses at Hunter college of City University of New York.

Having being involved in art, I always appreciated it as a historical and cultural subject. Unfortunately, I had never taken a drawing course in my youth. I remember during my college years in Greece, the microbiology department was looking to hire a student to draw forms of microbes via a microscope for educational purposes. I participated in that contest. I was shocked and embarrassed when the instructor made fun of me by saying that my drawings were so ugly not even the boys drew in such a way. (The veterinary school was male dominated during those days.)

This shock followed me up until three years ago, when I decided to prove to myself that I could learn how to draw even at this late stage of life. Now, I am satisfied with the improvement I have made to my drawings and I am still growing. During that time I added to my skills by taking labs with water color, gravures, printmaking, woodcuts, linoleum, oil painting, color theory and ceramics lab courses as well. All these years, the time I have studied art besides the courses and homework I have done have absorbed more than two thousand hours.

Within the last eighteen months, I discovered pastels. I have been so enthusiastic about this medium that I adapted it to be more fitting for me than everything else. Unfortunately, I had to study it on my own through various websites. This is how I exposed myself to a variety of techniques. In January 2017, I became an official associate member of PSA of NY.Five of my pieces were evaluated by the jurors of the society. Thus, opening the door of The Pastel Society of America for me.

My motto is: " Ignorance is the first step to knowledge." I keep working with enthusiasm on my projects mainly with soft pastels.


PHONE: 347-806-2565


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