Benefits of Membership:

Your membership includes listing in our printed and online member directory, our monthly e-newsletters, monthly meetings, demos, paint-outs, and an invitation to apply to our shows: member show, small works show, online show and the Mile High Exhibition.

Members may purchase a Gallery Page with their photo, name, statement, up to 4 images, phone number and links to email and web sites.

Members may list their workshops or other classified listings throughout the year, free of charge.

* Membership is required in order to earn points toward achieving and to maintain Signature and Master Signature status.


Glenn Martin
Terry Ludwig
Penny Creasy

Categorized by PSC member standing, and listed by member's last name in alphabetical order.

All members are listed within 30 days of joining or renewing their membership. Your name is taken from your form that you completed when paying. Please notify us of any changes or errors at

Master Signature Members
Barbara Churchley
Penny Creasy HM
Vanda Edington
Diane Edwards
Diane Fechenbach
Gary Huber
Kathy Imel
Bev Lee
Mike Ray
Dennis Rhoades
Jeannette Stutzman
Cynthia Underwood
Nancy Wylie
Signature Members
Roger Ambrosier
Jacqueline Aves
Mike Beeman
Dawn Buckingham
Carole Buschmann
Jane Christie
Maggie Cook
Carri Currier
Sally Davidson
Rebecca Dierickx
Susan Foster
Teri Gortmaker
Carole Haslock
Peter Heineman
Lyn Hemley
Colleen Hoerner
Shelley Howard
Cal Johnson
Janet Larsen
Iva Lemmons
Lise MacGregor
Sandy Marvin
Tegwin Matenaer
Sherrie Mayotte
Eve Miller
Hazel Monzingo
Janice Muir
Marilyn Mull
Norbert Nagel
Cherie Nobilette
Beverly O'Neil
Gary Ozias
Linda C Palmer
Astrid Paustian
Karen Spotts
Sarah St George
Kathy Steckel
Sabrina Stiles
Lorraine Trenholm
Virginia Unseld
Wayne Vigil
Diana Wade
Gail Watford
Nancy Welter
Ginger Whellock
Tracy Wilson
Diane Wood
Margaret Zimbrick
Gretchen Acharya
Barbara j. Allen
Bonnie Anthony
Barbara Archer-Baldwin
Laurel Astor
Cliff Austin
Mark Baker
Rita Bhasin
Linda Bice
Kristi Billmayer
Paul Birchak
Toni Biter
Sevasti Boutos
Mark Brockman
Cheryl Browder
Colleen Brown
Angela Bruskotter
Paul Burke
Ida Burnaman
Jo Carhart Levy
Diane Ceynar
Jane Chandler
Mary Ann Cherry
Marcie Cohen
Mary Collar
Joy Commons
Elizabeth Cooper
Claudia Crowell
Janice Dahl
Nancy L Biesemeier Dee
Lamya Deeb
Frances Dodd
Bob Doyle
Kathy Drogos
David Dubas
Marjie Eakin-Petty
Suki ElishaStrong
Margaret (Betty) England
Mary Erickson
Ani Espriella
Verena Ferris
Terry Ferris
Susan T Fisher
Janet Ford
Paula Fossum
Loretta Foyle
Mary Francis
Melody Fuller
Katherine Fulton
Patricia Galloway
Honey Lea Gaydos
Anne Gee
Neal Goolsby
Alejandra Gos
Paul Gray
Doug Graybeal
Susan Grinels
Kemper Guynn
L John Haile
Tracy Haines
Lisa Camilla Hale
Randy Hamburg
Sarah Hamingson
Sara Handy
Cary Hansen
Dale Harding
Nelia Harper
Geri Harris
Linda Harris
Karen Henneck
Jan Heyl
Tim Hill
Andrea Hofmeister
Teri Hoyer
Lisa Hut
Cathy Insley
Rebekkah Jackson
Ross James
Deb Jenkins
Karl Johnson
Jan Johnson
Phyllis Johs
Christina Karras
Ann Kenchel
Sheila Kinsman
Susan Klabak
Jean Koch
MaryBeth Kreizel
Susan Larson
Scott Leckrone
Barry Levin
Nancy Lewis
Vincent Lewis
Jan Lewis
Terrie Lombardi
Terry L Ludwig HM
Jill Lundstrom
James Lunn
Debra Mallory
Ivadell Marie
Christy Martin
Glenn Martin HM
Ellen Masters
Sarah McCourt
Avelon McNae
Lee McVey
Lynn Mergen
Nikki Miles
Karen Miller
Starr Miller
Colleen Miller
Darwin Miner
Marilyn Morningstar
Elizabeth Mowry
Gloria Muniz
Lotte Muster
Jan Myers
Elizabeth Neer
Robert Nelson
Juanita Nelson
Thea Nordling
Carol Oglesby
Peg (Margaret) Oswald
Denise Page
Vicki Penney-Rohner
Mary Plath-Rice
Lydia Pottoff
Amy Rabbio
Pamela Reese
Phil Rice
Jennifer Riefenberg
Vickie Rosenzweig
Jan Ryan
Cynthia Sampson
Celia Schefe
Catherine Schlein
Beth Schubert
Kate Scott
Xenia Sease
Nancee Sebenaler
Pat Sebern
Mary Sexton
Pat Sheeran/Daggett
Evelyn Sigg
Janice Sinopoli
Sandi Snead
Susan Spohn
Glen Stewart
Shirley Stocks
Sally Strand
Marla Sullivan
Ron Swearingen
Terry Swoboda
Judi Taylor
Corrine Tekavec
Janet R Thompson
Candy Tobin
Barbara Torke
Clive Tyler
Margaret Uribe
K.E. VanWert
Bruce Wiegand
Elizabeth Wiegers
Lewis Williams
Ann Willoughby
Cheryl Winterbourne
Cheryl Woodland
Julie Woods
Fred Zimmat
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