Please browse through our gallery pages to learn a bit about some of our artists including their statements, images of their pastel paintings and contact information.

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Gretchen Acharya
Elizabeth Amacher
Judith Axthelm
Dawn Buckingham
Carole Buschmann
Dennis Carmody
Mary Ann Cherry
Jane Christie
Barbara Churchley
Elizabeth Cooper
Deb Copple
Penny Creasy HM
Nancy Dee
Lamya Deeb
Marjie Eakin-Petty
Eric Echeverria
Susan Foster
Grace Goodson
Alejandra Gos
Doug Graybeal
Lisa Camilla Hale
Peter Heineman
Karen Henneck
Teri Hoyer
Pamela Iannazzo
Katherine Irish
Becky Johnson
Rita Kirkman
Susan Klabak
Janet Larsen
Scott Leckrone
Ivadell Marie
Sarah McCourt
Lee McVey
Claudia Miles
Marilyn Morningstar
Gloria Muniz
Norbert Nagel
Lise Neer
Christina Oddo
Fran Odum
Suzanne Owens
Gary Ozias
Vicki Penney-Rohner
Diane Pike
Lydia Pottoff
Pamela Reese
Dennis Rhoades
Michael Roe
Cynthia Sampson
Nancee Sebenaler
Lorraine (Lolly) Segnere
Mary Sexton
Janice Sinopoli
Sarah St George
Jeannette Stutzman
Barbara Torke
Lorraine Trenholm
Margaret Uribe
Diana Wade
Nancy Welter

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Your Gallery Page will include your Name and Photo, Your Artist's Statement, up to 4 Images of your Pastel Paintings and your email address and web site address.

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