Nancy Dee

My Constant Quest

My constant companion throughout life has been fine art. Most of the time it trailed along while I focused on the more important & immediate parts of my life: my husband & the three loves of our life--our boys. Now, with the sons grown up, & my public school teaching career fading, I feel privileged to have reached this point along with my good companions...watercolor & pastel painting. Why has art been such a persistent part of my life? I have no ready explanation, other than to say that maybe it's not just something that I do, but an essential part of who I am. It wasn't something that I could just forget for a has always guided the way I see, the way I think, the way I express myself. It's just me!

Fine art & creativity have been a wonderful accent & quest to my life. I love the challenge of a new painting. I love the enlightenment it brings, and I even love, only much later on, the struggles & failures that are also part of the process. For me fine art has been a path of constant development, first through the medium of watercolor--then later pastels chose me! From some of the first paintings that caught my eye to yesterday's effort on my easel, watercolor & pastel painting have been my passion & journey. This journey has enriched my life beyond measure; it has given me a focus--a type of spiritual experience without which my life would be incomplete.


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