Peter Heineman

My works are mostly done in the medium of soft pastel. My works are primarily abstracts and landscapes and tend to be impressionistic. Although most of my landscapes are done from a particular location, my intent is never to convey a photo realistic view of a scene, but to convey some emotional component of the scene. Sometimes this leads to abstraction or exaggeration of the visual accuracy of the scene. I want to pull the viewer into the mystery of a certain place or the mystery of a certain type of lighting that comes only at a particular time of day.

A part of the fascination of the pastel medium is the intensity and immediacy of expression one can accomplish. Pastels allow me to use very intense colors which can be laid down quickly with a minimum of blending. Some of the effects that are possible with pastels are not possible with any other medium. Since there is no brush between the artist and the canvas when painting with pastels, I feel sometimes that I am more connected to the process of creation, almost like finger painting.

Just as a picture can convey more than a thousand words, a single stroke or gesture can convey an endless amount of information about the subject of a painting. My ultimate goal is to develop an economy of stroke to the degree that I can convey a maximum amount of information and emotional content to the viewer with a minimum amount of strokes. This type of artistic communication can be received in a more intuitive way than much of the traditional art of realism. In other words, I want the viewer to respond to my work even though he may not know what attracts him to it.



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