Linda Bice

When I was young, I would mix my crayon colors to make my favorite combinations that weren't in the box. My favorite color was "sky blue pink"! It had a bit of blue, pink and just a touch of yellow. That love of beauty and color discovery has never waned.

Pastel has been my favorite medium for years. I love the immediacy of holding the color right in my hand and using my fingers to move the colors around the support. Yes it can be dirty and I end up with it all over my clothes most days, but I love it. I also enjoy the dryness of the medium. There is no waiting for layers to dry which means I can paint with clean crisp color without having to wait for the materials to catch up with my mind.

I started out with realistic painting, and later found that I also really enjoy the freedom of a more abstract approach. Therefore, my art ranges from realistic to completely abstract and anywhere in between. When in the mood for a realistic approach, I create both landscape and figurative paintings.


PHONE: 720-900-6077


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