Lise Neer

A resident of Denver, Elizabeth (Lise) Neer has lived in Colorado since 1980. Born in Oklahoma City, she and her family moved several times while her father developed a career in medicine. They eventually landed in New Hampshire, where Lise spent her teens and entered college at UNH.

Majoring in art, publishing and creative writing, Lise aimed for a life in Paris: envisioning an ideal living there of painting, language and culinary skills she’d gained along the way. When life threw a curve, she took the offer of a detour out West. After a hiatus in the ski industry and later graduating from Metropolitan State College, she settled into a publishing/design career in Denver. Paris was visited, paintings and art furniture were created, and for a few years Lise was a cast member of a local performance art troupe called Dirt ’n Circuits. With this group she developed installations and performed in comedic shows that included backup singing for a ‘garage band’ and creating machine-like costumes of papier maché, found objects and metal.

"Returning to the study of fine art in recent years, I am focused once again on painting with soft pastels. This medium has brought me back to a visceral experience with color, texture, form and impression. Laying on color directly with only my hands as tools, brings a satisfaction and immediacy to the process, and helps to convey the movement and breath of the landscape and other compelling subjects, such as a newfound love of portraiture."



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