Colleen Brown

As you see from my style and subject matter I enjoy painting the simpler things in life. Items from my surroundings, my home and things that delight me. It is a conscious decision to paint the way I do and it brings me immense satisfaction and joy. My formal art education began with private study at a small studio in my hometown by copying the work of other artists and working from models. My understanding of art flourished under the guidance of Australian artist Nan Rogers at her studio, focusing on landscapes, composition, the principles of design and color studies. Years later I enrolled at our local university as a fine art student but very quickly found that my preferred style of realistic or impressionist painting was discouraged by the teachers who encouraged students to paint abstractly and where very little emphasis was placed on traditional skills such as drawing.

I've continued to learn and expand on my art education by way of private study and instruction via workshops with some of the world's best artists. I've also taught many workshops in the areas of pastel, drawing and colored pencil and love showing students how they can develop their skills and improve their art. I prefer to paint from life in the studio or outdoors in the field and found that my art improved greatly when I learned to really focus on my subject or scene and eliminate the unimportant clutter. I prefer to work in pastel, oil and sometimes acrylic. Thanks for stopping by!



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