Janice Sinopoli

My interest in art beyond the doodling that most children do, started when I entered a "Can You Draw Me" contest sponsored by an art correspondence course in the 1960s. A school representative visited our home and my parents assured him I would not be enrolling and I learned a healthy lesson in skepticism. But I was flattered and it did lead me to believe there might be an artist hiding inside me. Luckily I have since been the grateful student of many fine artist/instructors who have found an nurtured that artist.

I have worked in various media but the paintings that always caught my attention were the pastels. I fell in love with their vibrant colors, and with the idea of "painting light." This is what inspires me to paint. How can I show the beauty of how one color plays off another? How can I create a painting that will cause a viewer to want to stand back and take the time to appreciate how the interplay of light and shadow on ordinary objects makes them extraordinary.



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